Career/Personal Coaching

Coaching in your own language

In case you live in the Netherlands and you prefer an English speaking coach …

Career coaching
In case you need support to find your way in your career. And if you have questions such as : How can I find or create the right job? What are my core qualities, attributes and talents? What gives me energy in my job? Career Coaching is one of my specialisations. The result will be a new perspective for your professional future.

Personal coaching
Another specialisation is Personal Development. I can support you to solve issues such as: How can I break through repeating patterns in my behavior? How can I change how I communicate? What gives me energy? By using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other communication techniques, you will get more information about the effect of your behaviour/communication. You can practice ‘new’ behaviour, using the adage Action=Reaction. If you are willing to develop yourself, you will get a positive outcome!

My background
I am a qualified Career Coach, Master Practitioner Neuro Linguïstic Programming (NLP) and Communication trainer. Beside my academic background, I have many years of work experience, including in management. I have worked in IT, in sales and in Higher Education.

If you are interested in an intake appointment (no charge), then contact Annettecoacht. After the intake you decide if you want to start your personal coaching program.

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